How do I create a profile and CV?
You simply enter your profile data, including CV in the template. The system then creates your profile at Turbo Tempo.

Should I have a picture on my profile?
No. You decide, of course, whether you want to create a picture or not.

Is it free to set up as a temp at Turbo Tempo?
Yes, everything is absolutely free!

Is it safe to make a profile at Turbo Tempo?
Yes, we use the latest security technology and data encryption, so you can feel completely safe at Turbo Tempo.

Who can really see my profile, CV?
It is only employers that have signed up with Turbo Tempo, which can access your profile.

Can other profiles not see me?
No. All profiles are anonymous. As described above, only subscribed companies can see your profile.

Should I renew my resume?
If you wish to expand your CV, you can always do it on the website. Your resume is ready as long as you want it.

Are there only temporary jobs at Turbo Tempo?
Yes, it is for the time being mainly temporary work, i.e. time-limited jobs. However, we find that our profiles are regularly offered permanent employment if the course has otherwise been satisfactory and the need is present.

Why is my industry pt. not represented?
It all depends on supply and demand.

In some industries, the unemployment rate is unfortunate. In other professions, on the other hand, bottlenecks occur frequently, where the need is acute and large for labor. Therefore, we encourage all our profiles to search widely if your job image changes for your particular business.

We are also constantly working to expand to even more industries if the need is present. We would like to hear from you if you have input about new industries we have overlooked.

Can I search within other branches that are not related to my current branch?
Yes definitely. If you want to change direction to even other industries, you've come to the right place. Turbo Tempo covers a wide range of all temporary work. Many people are surprised that, in fact, you can quite easily consider other jobs if you only have a little luggage on your CV.

Do you only have positions around the major cities?
Supply and demand is a dominant factor - also in the job market. For example, some professional groups are logistically concentrated in some major cities, on the other hand, there are many industries, crafts, etc. in even smaller cities.

In this regard, we encourage our profiles to be flexible and search wide, and maybe drive a "couple of km" longer to work than you might want optimally.

Denmark is fortunately a relatively small country with short distances.

Can I search at all times of the day?
Yes, in fact, more of our companies need labour at all times of the day. That's why you can apply 24/7/365.

Perhaps you can already start work a few hours after contact from a company. We call it flexible job search in Turbo Tempo!

What if I do not want to be contacted at all times of the day?
You only enter during contact times how and for what time you want a text message or call from an interested company.

What does it mean that Turbo Tempo has taken away for fuss?
This means, first and foremost, that you do not have to troubleshoot an initial meeting at a temporary agency and sign a world of papers, most often without knowing the name of the employer.

At Turbo Tempo you will escape for the unnecessary ride and bustle. At the same time, you do not have to talk to someone who usually does not know your subject at all, and the challenges you face in your subject. In other words. Many people experience talking to each other.

Are you never closed?
No. On the other hand, we can offer business workers around the clock, and of course offer you the job.

At Turbo Tempo you can search for jobs and get in touch directly with employers 24/7/365.

Here you speak in the same language. You also agree on pay and contract.

How can I be sure to get the right collective salary?
We are convinced that the vast majority of companies comply with the agreement.

Besides, we save the companies for a part of the chain, namely the agency, which takes a significant part of the cake, i.e. your salary. This savings can very well result in a higher salary for you as your business's economy is improved when using Turbo Tempo.

Do you want to replace traditional agency agencies?
It may sound a bit hard. But yes.

For too long we have to be fed up with slow job processes, too much trouble, and filling out a bunch of standardized forms. We believe in the individual. We believe that the actors, jobseekers and job providers themselves can manage it. The rest can easily be done electronically in a few minutes. Talking directly with an employer is the foundation for any good job start.

How do companies come in contact with me?
The companies manages that part. After looking at your profile, you receive a text message, e-mail, or dial up. Completely non-binding.

Suggestions, complaints or praise?
Do not hesitate to contact us.

We are constantly working to further develop our concept, so we welcome all suggestions for improvements and both praise and complaints.

Write to us at: [email protected]

Become part of the job revolution. Create your job profile today and get in touch at Turbo Tempo!